Thalgo, leaders in marine beauty, introduce   the revolutionary anti-ageing Eye Massage Mask. Providing a new dimension in facial treatments, the Eye Massage Mask is highly effective at tackling a multitude of concerns including wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness in as little as 30 minutes. Each treatment, available from the Thalgo Eye Bar menu combines a programmed series of movements, tailored to the individual, resulting in a highly sensorial experience.

The unique machine, which resembles a ski mask, incorporates a range of hands-free massage movements which target the delicate eye area and provide noticeable results after just one treatment.


The Eye Massage Mask utilises a combination of built-in techniques including Temporal Pressotherapy and Digito Pressure which target the acupuncture points with air pressure helping to decongest, drain and plump whilst easing tension and relaxing the eye area. Dynamic vibrations stimulate the eye contour area with rippling and pulsing movements, helping to smooth fine lines and reduce dark circles.  Thermal Diffusion, in conjunction with a special gel mask, gently cools or warms the eye area to improve lymphatic microcirculation and improve absorption of ingredients when used with the new Thalgo Anti-ageing Eye range. Each treatment also combines calming music therapy to soothe the senses.

The multi-functional mask has been introduced to engage the interest of those seeking a new beauty experience, offering a moment of escape with relaxing benefits, instant results and the option to have multiple treatments carried out simultaneously, saving time.

The Eye Massage Mask will be introduced alongside three new eye-care products to complement the existing Thalgo Anti-Ageing range. A new Collagen Eye Roll-On, Hyaluronic Eye Patch Masks and Silicium Eye Cream will join the range, each targeting different age groups and providing marine benefits in a topical form. The products can be used on their own as part of a daily skincare regime or used in the Eye Massage Mask treatments for enhanced results.

The new Thalgo Eye Bar menu will include three treatment options including targeted intensive wrinkle fighting, combined eye and face treatment, plus the option to add an Eye Mask Massage to an existing Thalgo face or body treatment, for optimal results.


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