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Fast, Easy and Accurate Way to Find Out What State Of Health You Are In

In Only Five Minutes You Can Find Out Your State Of Health

How to Correct What Is Not Optimal In Your Health

As you know, a person is not healthy one day and the next day he has cancer, heart disease or diabetes. This takes time to build up and it only comes to our attention when we feel pain or some other symptom shows up that we notice.

Preventing a disease is a lot easier to take care of than after it has occurred.

The reason why people put off going to the doctor is because of the expense and time of having a full upper and lower body G.I.

Have you gone to the doctor when it would have been better if you went early?

What did this cost you in terms of your health?

Did you put off going to your doctor because of the cost of having a battery of tests done? Then, did your doctor tell you something like, “If you have only come in a couple of months ago we could have treated you.”

Wait No More…

You can have the following done on our Computer Magnetic Resonance machine. With this you’ll find out:

If your liver is doing its job
If your kidneys are in optimum condition
If you are digesting your food properly
If you are absorbing your vitamins and minerals
If you are drinking enough water
If there is adequate blood flow to your brain
The Computer Magnetic Resonance will test the above plus much, much more.
Your computerized health check is completely non-evasive. Which means there is no:
Blood tests

Your Comprehensive Computerized Health Analyzer Covers…


1. Basic Physical Quality

2. Blood Sugar

3. Bone Disease

4. Bone Mineral

5. Brain Nerve

6. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular

7. Gallbladder Function

8. Gastrointestinal Function

9. Gynecology

10. Human Toxin

11. Kidney Function

12. Liver Function

13. Lung Function

14. Pancreatic Function

15. Rheumatoid Bone Disease

16. Trace Elements Analysis (Ca+, Fe, Se, Pb, Zn, Vitamin, etc.)

17. Skin Test Function

18. Prostate

19. Endocrine System

20. Immune System

21. Male Sex Function

22. Breast Analysis

23. Element of human

24. Amino acids test

25. Allergen

26. Heavy metal

For you to have an extensive health report like this by any other method it would cost you $5,000 or more. In addition, it would take:

Several trips to hospital or clinic

Hours waiting in queue

Being around other sick patients

Painful procedures

Exposure to radiation

Toxic side effects from medication

Embarrassing moments

Time lost from work

and the list goes on.

I’m sure this is not want you want. So, if you were avoiding having a medical checkup because of any of the above, you now have an alternative choice.

No Waiting For Test Results

Whatever conventional testing method used, blood analysis or radiography, may take one, two, or as long as three weeks to get results. This can create depression and additional anxiety in anticipating the unknown. The Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer scans the body and will produce health reports in just 1 minute. All of the reports will be reviewed, compiled and can be presented to your client at the time of the testing.

The Future In Whole Health Diagnostics Has Arrived

When our health isn’t in good condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms, such as easy fatigue, body aches, headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, bad temper, palpitation, dizziness, inertia, and so on. People who have these symptoms are determined to be in sub-health condition. The World Health Organization estimates that 10% of adults worldwide belong to this group.

Is sub-health detectable? The answer is yes.

No longer will there be a need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography in helping clients target their health conditions.

Hi-Tech Diagnostic Analyzer Will Produce Your Client’s Health Status In Minutes

Introducing the newest high-tech innovation that combines the best of medicine, bio-informatics, electrical engineering and other sciences. Applying QUANTUM MEDICINE as the theoretical basis, this advanced electronic equipment collects the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining a person’s health status and main problems and putting forward standard prevention recommendations.

Invented in China by a team of medical and computer experts, the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer was developed based on the study of a hundred million clinical cases over a period of many years. The accuracy rate of the analyzer device can reach up to 85%.

By holding the sensor in your palm, hundreds of health data will be obtained from your body within minutes. This is absolutely not a science fiction; It is the epoch-making high-tech quantum resonant magnetic analyzer.

How the Computerized Health Analyzer Works

(Also known as the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer)

The method of quantum resonance magnetic analysis is an emerging rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method and particularly suitable for comparison of curative effects medicine and health products, and check of sub-health conditions. The main analysis items are over 30, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular condition, bone mineral density, trace elements, blood lead, rheumatism, lung and respiratory tract, nephropathy, blood sugar, stomach and intestines, liver and gall, cranial nerves, gynecology, prostate, bone disease, the trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc and calcium, etc.

Functional Characteristics

Prediction without symptoms: With only 10 or so cells of pathological change, the analyzer can capture the change pathological changes of cells and predict the precursor of disease. By taking health-care actions at this moment, you will be enabled to effectively prevent the various chronic diseases.

Speed and accuracy: Multiple indicators of your health can be obtained within minutes. This analysis method is designed to save your time and energy. The database of the analysis system has been established with scientific method, strict health statistic treatment and demonstration of a large number of clinical cases, leading thus to a high analysis accuracy.

Non-invasive and painless: The analysis will tell you the condition of your health without hemanalysis or radiography.


Here is a screen shot of just one page of the Computerized Health Analyzer

According to Dr. Emoto, Hado is a vibrational frequency, resonance wave — it is the source of energy behind the creation of all things. (Hado is the specific vibrating wave generated by the electrons orbiting the nucleus of an atom). A field of magnetic resonance is always present wherever Hado exists. Thus, Hado can be interpreted as the magnetic resonance field itself, which is one type of electromagnetic wave. MRA measures the magnetic resonance of Hado. From his research with MRA, Dr. Emoto concluded that, “all things lie within your own consciousness.” Thus, he believes that we should do our best to raise our Hado level by doing things such as saying blessings over our food and water, drinking good water and not accumulating negative feelings.

Who uses Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer?

Our quantum diagnostic device is extensively used in beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health care products shop, direct selling(for the health products distributor), massage center, health center, etc. It can also be used for promoting health food and nutritional supplement, etc.

If you are a member or employee of any of the above shops and you would like to provide a unique and valuable service to your customers, please contact me, Eva at 00357-99423207.

A special health and fitness testing will be done on our premises!

Caring Service Provided

To schedule your appointment, just call me on 99423207 or email .

A time will be set up that is convenient for you.

It only takes 30 minutes to have a full health analysis along with a discussion of what your 26 page report is about.

Gallinio is located is located in our new premises on Ellados avenue in Paphos, Cyprus.

This is 2 minutes from the centre of Paphos. a updated map will be made available on our website!

When you arrive, basic health information will be taken such as your weight and height. (If you have this information in kilos and centimeters it will be helpful.)

Those who should put off taking this comprehensive health analysis are those who are pregnant, on a period, and those who have a pace maker.

Your Pleasant Health Visit


When you come, a few basic health questions will be asked. You will then hold a chrome rod that is hooked up to our Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer, which in turn is hooked up to our laptop computer.

In about 1 minute the Analyzer will test all your organs and other body systems such as:

Endocrine System

Immune System

Male Sex Function

Female Sex Function

Oxygen level

Blood sugar

Bone mineral


plus much, much more.

The computer will generate health reports in 26 different areas. I will discuss the major ones with you while you are here.

This extensive full-body health check can be emailed to you. If you bring your memory stick, I can put your health report on this.

If you would like a print out, this can be done for a nominal charge.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

You have heard this saying many times – and it’s true. For less than the cost of most doctors’ visits you can know what your state of health is.

Before a disease is manifested there are sub-clinical levels of health. By finding out what you have can save you medical expense, pain and time in the future.

Some people say, “I rather not know.” This is like the ostrich with his head in the sand! The problem doesn’t go away just because you are not looking at it.

Find out how your health is now – it will be the best money you’ve ever spent.

Contact Eva on 99423207 OR

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