Guinot Hydradermie

A combination of advanced scientific technology and the skills of a highly trained aesthetician together produce the ultimate in treatments, the Hydradermie Facial.

Recognizing the skin as a living organ, this facial was developed to help it live and age better. Offered only by aestheticians who have been trained by Guinot. This unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents, nourishing gels and massage for total rejuvenation of the complexion.
Properties and Benefits of the Hydradermie Treatment
has the following effects:
Deep Cleansing
Penetration of active skincare ingredients
Hydration of the epidermis
Deep cleansing:
Deep cleansing is made possible from the use of
Sodium Acid Carbonate, which is contained in most Hydradermie gels
Penetration of Active Skincare Ingredients
& Trace Elements:
Ionization also allows superficial penetration of active skincare ingredients and trace elements contained in the Hydradermie gels.
Sodium Lactate, a powerful active moisturizing ingredient, helps improve the hydration of the outer layers of the epidermis. It strengthens cell cohesion while penetrating between the epidermic cells, thus helping improve the skin’s moisture retention.
Improved Microcirulation:
Essential oils create hyperemia, which improves inter-cellular exchanges, thereby increasing tissue oxygenation and toxin elimination, reducing stress.
Antiseptic and Bactericide Action:
Another effect of essential oils combined with the oxygen found in oxygenating emulsion is microbial oxidation, and thus, a purification of the skin.

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